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Grass Fed Raw Whey Protein- ALL NATURAL, NO COMPROMISES!

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Complete Raw Whey Protein is a pure, non-denatured grass fed whey protein powder derived from raw, organic milk. Perfect for individuals who follow a Paleo diet. The milk comes from GRASS FED A2 Guernsey cows raised on a natural farm. They have never been given Antibiotics or Hormones. Their diet consists of chemical free and pesticide free green grass year round so the whey that they produce has maximum nutritional value.

Why is Complete Raw Whey better than all other protein powders on the market?

1) QUALITY- Complete Raw Whey is derived from only the healthiest green GRASS FED A2 Guernsey cows. Healthy cows produce healthy milk which then produces healthy raw whey protein.

2) LOW HEAT- Heat ruins proteins leaving them much less beneficial. Complete Raw Whey is never subjected to the high-heat pasteurization which RUINS all other whey protein powders.

3) BIO-AVAILABILITY- This refers to how well your body can use the protein source. Complete Raw Whey has the highest bioavailability of any known protein source. Your body will love it!

4) ALL NATURAL- Our Plain variety has NO SWEETENERS or FLAVORS.
The Vanilla and Chocolate varieties are flavored with pure vanilla or cocoa and natural stevia. Other protein powders use excess sugar, high fructose corn syrup or dangerous artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose which can harm your health.

5) GREAT TASTE- Complete Raw Whey is pure and natural so it tastes great! It mixes well with water or with berries for a great breakfast shake, post-workout shake, snack or meal replacement. We recommend 1-3 scoops as a post workout drink or protein shake.

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Complete Raw Whey Protein Powder (Choose Delicious Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla or Unflavored Unsweetened)
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Complete Raw Whey Protein